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Liz Christoffersen

Empower Consulting Group


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Empower Consulting Group

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As Founder and CEO of Empower Consulting Group, Liz serves as a trusted advisor, strategic facilitator and leadership development expert to a growing list of luxury and lifestyle clients around the globe.  She helps entrepreneurs and business leaders make more money doing what they love by building profitable and sustainable businesses.  Her spiritual, strategic and loving approach guides leaders to slow down to think, reflect and get the big ideas right.  Her process leads to clear goals, profound realizations and a radical approach to building a heart based business.  By studying patterns of success, she now consults, guides and teaches creative entrepreneurs and leaders on business principles she found to be key indicators of success.  Through teachable moments, she helps people lead better by letting go of fear.  In doing so, her clients become spiritually conscious, world class leaders who "do well by doing good."  Her programs provide the tools needed to live in financial, emotional, spiritual, lifestyle abundance.  She is passionate about inspiring others to transform their stories, to turn work into play and to build businesses that support living the life they love.

Her background in real estate and resort development have allowed her to marry the world of business with creativity and her love of living a luxury resort lifestyle.  As part of her commitment to giving and creating vibrant communities, she contributes her time, talent and treasure to a variety of non-profits.  Liz is grateful to share her life with her soulmate husband, her family and her little dog CHIP (Causes Happiness In People).  They love living their dream life which allows them to experience and discover the luxury and wonders of the world.

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“I’ve always had a passion for leadership, cultivating it in myself, and in others who want to make a positive difference and are willing to do the inner and outer work required to make their vision a reality. I believe there’s a power that comes from a clear, pure purpose. Helping leaders find it, gives depth to their vision, guides their strategy and gives rise to the culture that holds it all together. When leaders I work with get to this place, I know I’ve made a difference."
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