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Empowering Wellness & Self-Care Virtual Meetup

November 05, 2020 6:30 PM | Leslie Kasanoff, DC

Bring your ideas for simple self-care.

NO POLITICS!!!!!! (Make this your escape if needed!)

From being active to eating more plants, to meditation and learning to say "No," there are hundreds of things we can do to take better care of ourselves; bring more peace and more wellness to our lives.
Bring your ideas. More importantly; bring the "how" not just the "what." How can you make wellness & self-care a more integral part of your life in a way that's practical & succinct?
We'll break out into small groups for discussion & bring the best ideas back to share with the larger group.
Feel free to bring a glass of wine, a cocktail, or some (hopefully healthy) munchies.


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