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  • August 29, 2017 2:17 PM | Gina Cinardo

    Date:  August 16, 2017
    Speaker: Heidi Harmon
    Company: Mayor San Luis Obispo
    Contact:, 805.540-4137

    Topic: “How to get what you want while being yourself.”

    Mayor Heidi Harmon graced the room as she arrived donning a vintage dress with her signature rose pinned to the right side of her collar.  She made herself very approachable and women in attendance were able to meet and speak with her both before and after the meeting.  

    During her speaking session she pointed out the power of being yourself and gave practical examples of how being real, authentic, committed and engaged can pave the way for women of all backgrounds to succeed and over come.  She encouraged the audience to know their values in order to act on issues closest to heart with complete autonomy and confidence. She also spoke to a woman’s ability to show up.  Women tend to be there when things really matter. Heidi finished by covering the power of the feminine.  Women are uniquely suited to be an essential aspect of the solution to our biggest challenges.  By embracing our individual skills and instincts we bring something different to the table.  

    She left time at the end for Q and A.  The women asked pointed questions and for suggestions regarding obstacles they have encountered when working with men.  Heidi’s humor and candor moved the room to laughter and enthusiastic applause on several occasions.  She was an inspiration to all in attendance.

  • July 20, 2017 2:39 PM | Gina Cinardo

    Date:  July 20, 2017
    Speaker: Stephen M. Stern, Esq.
    Company: Mobile Law Center, Affordability, Accessibility and Legal Ingenuity Meet The Road
    Contact:, 805.543.LAWS

    Topic: Top Business Mistakes Small Businesses Make

    Mr. Stern brought new light to the way a business chooses a name, and the risks and benefits of choosing wisely. He drew luncheon attendees in with a brief discussion on how most people choose a name for their business and then dove into the legal and financial ramifications that could occur if the name is not chosen wisely.  

    In addition to the business name, he pointed out that you need also to consider trademarks and that not all names or symbols can be trademarked, i.e. those that are fanciful, geographical, arbitrary, suggestive, descriptive, etc. He also gave some insight on how to obtain a trademark and the costs involved.

    Mr. Stern was engaging and informative. Hands from the women business owners flew into to the air during the Q&A time that followed. Though some ended up making individual appointments for further assistance, everyone left with the understanding that choosing a name for your business takes a focused, strategic approach. If you want to ensure your most important business investment is protected, the process you use to establish your business name will lay a foundation for growth or potential hardship.  

    The Mobile Law Center was created to alleviate the high cost and mystery of obtaining high-quality and professional legal services that enforce your legal rights, protect your assets and obtain the best outcome possible. It is their goal to be accessible, inviting and provide outstanding and prompt services, with the highest level of professionalism. Mr. Stern can be reached at or at his mobile office number 805.543.LAWS.

  • May 17, 2017 11:30 PM | Gina Cinardo

    Date: May 17, 2017
    Speaker: Janelle Bledsoe
    Company: Genie Automation

    Topic: 7 Simple Steps to Online World Domination!

    The month of May brought new insight on how to reach your target audience on-line. Through seven simple steps, Janelle detailed her sales funnel process.  

    Step 1 she explained how to determine the temperature of your audience. 

    Step 2 was used to define ways to attain a pre-frame bridge and get your prospective clients in the mood to buy.  

    Step 3 included tips to qualify subscribers.  

    Step 4 took it one step further, outlying ways to qualify buyers.  

    In step 5, Janelle discussed the importance of offering more than one item. 

    Step 6 covered how to age and ascend relationships 

    while step 7 reviewed ways to change the selling environment.  

    Janelle packed a lot into her 20-minute timeframe. Regardless of the current, online dominance level of individual attendees, there was something for everyone to take away. In June, Janelle will be offering a class that will give a deeper exploration into the Seven Steps for Online World Domination. You may get additional information or contact Janelle through her website at


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