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4 week Course Launch - Live a Life You Love, Now!

May 31, 2020 4:00 PM | Beth McGill

Have you ever had a calling or an urge that was so strong that you had to follow it?

That’s what this year has been like for me. It has been a blissful exciting journey of following my dreams and listening to my heart. Yes, that’s what I did!

I opened my heart and listened! I made a commitment to my dreams and so can you.

It's been great speaking at women’s luncheons, and presenting at a variety of workshops.

“Beth is a natural teacher and speaker with a passion for helping others find their way to a more joyful life and secure identity. She gets to the heart of what makes us sabotage ourselves and what steps we can take to break through harmful mindsets. She is patient and kind and gives time for reflection and self-examination. I highly recommend her workshops!” Michele

You can open your heart too! I want to teach you to follow your dreams. You can be, do or have anything! What do you really want? What do you really love?

This Course Launches Sunday, May 31st!

‘Live a Life That You Love, Now!’

Learn how to:

1. Love yourself and start to dream again

2. Gain clarity about who you really are

3. Experience joy and appreciate life as an extraordinary journey✈️

4. Manifest your heart's desire(s)

There are going to be as many activities, tools and resources that I can possibly fit into 5 weeks. Each individual will participate in 4 weeks of group online zoom meetings and then one week with me.

There will be designated support mid-week for a Q&A session.

“Beth is a true teacher. She created a space that was warm and thoughtful as we took a deeper dive into who we are, the time we have already spent on this Earth, and primed us to make the next part of the journey extraordinary.” Monica

I've set up time for answering questions so let's chat. Schedule a call with me at: or


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